Taboon (NYC) HouseTea-Tini

I can never resist a tea-infused cocktail! Taboon is one of our favorite restaurants in NYC. We actually had our third date here, and we love going back! They have so many vegetarian options, the aesthetic of the entire restaurant is just beautiful, and they have this lovely tea infused martini!! The HouseTea-Tini has all of my favorite cocktail ingredients: Gin, lemon, and tea…you really can’t go wrong! The only thing that would have made it better was a splash of prosecco ;)

Personally, I find that Gin is one of the easiest alcohols to infuse with tea. I use to do this all the time, and always felt it paired well with a variety of different teas. Plus, tea infusions are such a fun way to experiment with mixing up a classic cocktail. I am no expert, but I would just put my Gin in a teapot and steep it in loose leaf tea (at room temperature) for a few hours. This always did the trick!

Have you ever experimented with mixology? I’m dying to try a proper mixology class. Taking recommendations for classes in NYC :) xx