UnderClub Luxe

So, I finally received my UnderClub Luxe delivery! According to the website, the Luxe subscription includes: boutique and seasonal designer collections ($19.95/ month, $28-$55+ value). This month I received this lovely, high waisted, floral pair by Charnos (retailed at $40).

My first impression with the Luxe subscription is love at first sight! This month’s pair is definitely more consistent with my personal style, compared to what I have previously received with UnderClub’s Signature subscription. I feel like UnderClub really listened to the feedback I have left in previous reviews and did a nice job matching this pair for my profile. I am in love with this modest design and the fabric feels so soft! I can also tell that these are of a much higher quality, compared to those I received from the Signature subscription.

If you are considering trying out UnderClub’s monthly subscription service, I would 100% recommend selecting the Luxe option. It’s only $7 extra, and it’s a major improvement in quality. Overall, I would say that I am very pleased with this service.

I can’t wait for next month’s delivery! Stay tuned. Xx 💋