11 Months Later.... we're engaged!

Last month, Ronil and I were on vacation in Barcelona, and he proposed to me in the most magical and beautiful garden I have ever seen! I have always loved English gardens, and Parc del Laberint d’Horta was an absolute dream. I was really blown away by the grounds, and the fact that Ronil knew this would be the perfect place to propose. This moment really showed me that he really knows me better than anyone, and honestly better than I know myself. So… of course I said yes!


Following the proposal, I was surprised a second time by our hidden photographer! I am so thankful that Anna was there to capture all of these sweet and special moments. I also really loved all of our shots! We were so happy that we could use these to announce our engagement to friends and family on the very same day! A little shout out to Anna: She was so sweet to work with and made us feel comfortable right off the bat. She also made a concentrated effort not to detract from our moment. You can check out her work here: (https://www.photography-anna.com/en/)

I really can’t say enough about how perfectly planned this day was, and I love Ronil so much for all the effort and thoughtfulness he put into our engagement day. I really do have the best fiance <3

You can see a few of our favorite shots below! Xx